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Welcome to our website and we appreciate your interest in Lumber Transport, Inc. (LTI).

We understand that taking the step to lease to another company is a major decision. We also realize that as you compare what various trucking companies have to offer, most packages are somewhat similar. So what makes LTI any different?

For starters, we take pride in the fact that we are financially sound and that we have been in business since 1961. During this time, we have established a customer base that will keep you busy year round. We have company-owned terminals and agencies set up throughout the U. S. to minimize your deadhead and keep you moving. A full-time freight coordinator and management contact person will be assigned to you to insure your profitability with our company. We are a 100% owner-operator company so you will not have to compete with any company trucks. Being home with you family is important to us too, and we take pride in the fact that most of our drivers are home each and every weekend.

Please fill out our On-Line Application now. Within one day upon receipt of your application, we should be able to confirm your qualifications. Once you application has been approved we will set a date that is convenient for you to lease on. Leasing will be done in our corporate office in Cochran, Georgia. You will be leased on in one day and we will be able to load you out the same afternoon.

If you should need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact our Leasing & Recruitment Department at 800-342-1286 or click here to obtain a copy of our Leasing Package.